Proofreading & Editing in 3 Easy Steps...

1. Upload your document and add note to a proofreader

2. Choose how fast you need it to be delivered

3. We edit it and email you when your document is done

Upload Your File

Uploading your Document via our online system is fast and easy! It should not take more then a few seconds. Brief us with a little bit about your work so we can match you with the perfect proofreader. We accept only file formats: .docx, .doc, pdf and .rtf

Choose a Delivery Time

Simply choose your desired delivery time from the menu on the page. The cost of proofreading your document is based on the word-count and the time you require the work done. Documents with a tight deadline therefore have a higher price. We offer as fast as 2 hour delivery for document with 2,000 words or less.

Take a rest. We will get it done for you

Your order will now be processed, proofread and uploaded within the time you specified in your order. Once this is complete we shall send you an email to confirm that your document is available for download. We will give you an update about the progress on your document. All changes will be tracked on your original document using the Microsoft Word 'track changes' function.

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