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How to find a good Proofreading Service and Editing Service ?

If you do a quick look in Internet you can find a lot of proofreading company all of them the same and all competitive for attention. First you have to check if the company register. Then if you see that company has thousand facebook "Likes" on their website you should understand that they are all fake. It is just not true. Think, how it is possible that company exist one or two years and they already have 100,000 likes. Two years is 720 days so 100000/720 = 138 users per day. Wooow, no it just fake "likes" which was provided by SEO company for money. So I would not trust the website which shows so many facebook "likes" and it is not real Proofreading company.
Another thing you have to check that Proofreading company has a post adress. It is your option who you decide to trust your work, as you must comprehend the person you are relying on your document, In any way, by reading the above aspects you will ready to make your decision.

As a rule, people with the higher philological education, the ended classical universities or teacher training colleges become proofreaders. However, diploma existence yet isn't defining factor, after all these experts most often take for work on results of tests (give to applicants texts with mistakes, demanding to find them and to correct). Absolute literacy, faultless knowledge of rules of spelling and punctuation, and also knowledge of requirements to registration of texts is necessary for the proofreader for publications. The profession hardly will suit the one who has problems with literacy of the letter or is at heart the person very mobile and sociable. Punctuality, attentiveness, assiduity is necessary — after all the proofreader should read about one hundred pages a day.

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